Statement Of Practice

Life and Law

As life has become more complex, the law affects the lives of individuals and businesses more than ever. Today a person may need an attorney several times during his life to handle a variety of matters. Increasingly, it is difficult for a business to function properly without regular legal representation in a variety of areas.

Experience And Knowledge

Our office offers the experienced and knowledgeable legal representation you need. Our educational background, years of experience, technical competence and continuing education program assure you of high quality legal services.

Personal Service

We believe the practice of law involves more than technical competence in the law itself. Being a good lawyer also invokes good relations with our clients and the community. We strive to be compassionate and considerate with all of our clients regardless of the nature of specific work. We strive to maintain regular communication with each client during the course of any work


We place a high premium on integrity, honesty, competency, and efficiency in our work. We believe that this is the only way to practice law in the best interest of each and every client.
Our goal is to establish a long term, satisfying relationship with the client.

Other Professionals

Sometimes it is necessary to involve other professionals such as accountants or insurance agents in fully meeting your legal needs. We will work fully with your other professional advisors, or will assist you in selecting competent advisors. If we can not service a client’s particular legal need, we will refer to a competent attorney who can help the client.